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Biodynamic breathwork trauma release system

Biodynamic Breathwork for Trauma Release is a powerful and transformative healing modality that combines breathwork, bodywork, and somatic awareness to release stored trauma from your body and mind while regulating the nervous system, increasing resourcing and expanding your window of tolerance.

If you are struggling with unresolved trauma, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or other physical or emotional challenges, biodynamic breathwork can help you find relief and begin to heal. My approach is based on the latest research on the nervous system and trauma, and I use a range of techniques to support your body’s innate capacity to heal and regulate itself.

One of the key benefits of biodynamic breathwork is its ability to regulate the nervous system, which is often dysregulated in people who have experienced trauma. By using gentle, connected breathing and somatic awareness, we help you access your body’s natural self-regulatory mechanisms, allowing you to feel more grounded, centered, and balanced. In addition to nervous system regulation, we also focus on resourcing, which means identifying and strengthening the internal and external resources that can support you in your healing journey. This might include connecting with a sense of safety and stability, cultivating a deeper sense of self-compassion and self-awareness, or tapping into your creativity, intuition, and sense of purpose.

Finally, we work to expand your window of tolerance, which is the range of emotions and sensations that you can tolerate without becoming overwhelmed or dissociated. By gradually and safely increasing your capacity to experience and integrate intense feelings and sensations, we help you feel more resilient, adaptive and present in your daily life.

Unlike traditional talk therapy, which focuses primarily on the mind, biodynamic breathwork addresses the whole person, including the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of your being. By working with the body directly, you can access deeper levels of healing and release that may not be accessible through other methods.

When we engage in conscious, connected breath while organically allowing the body to unwind, the body can release stored tension that has sometimes been there for our entire lives.

Whether you are seeking relief from chronic pain, healing from past trauma, or simply looking to deepen your connection with yourself, biodynamic breathwork can help you achieve your goals and live a more fulfilling life. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your first session.

A session generally goes between 75 to 90min, during which we’ll set an intention before entering a mindful state. From there, I will guide you through breathing patterns, exploring your felt sense, and we will follow your body’s guidance to lead us to where you need support/integration or release.

This method is safe and efficient. You are in control of your experience at all times. We will follow your pace, and I’ll lend my knowledge and expertise to you to get the best results.

What can breathwork help with?

  • Relief from anxiety, depression, and other emotional challenges
  • Reduced chronic pain and tension in the body
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Improved sleep and relaxation
  • Greater clarity and focus
  • Enhanced creativity and intuition
  • Deeper connection with yourself and others

What you will need

icon flower- What you will need during a BBTR session: a safe space to move, breath, sound.

A safe space

Icon computer. What you will need for your BBTR session: a good internet connection

A good internet connection

icon sun. what you will need during your BBTR session: A good lighting

Good lighting

icon water. What will you need during your BBTR session: some water

Glass of water


Breathwork Single session

1 session (75-90min) online (via Zoom) = $80

Breathwork Deep Dive Package (10 sessions)

If you are looking for in-depth work or support, I offer a sequence of 10 sessions. During this sequence, we explore the 7 belts of tension in our body (oral, cervical, thoracic, diaphragmatic, abdominal and pelvic), allocating 1 session for each belt + 3 open sessions.

This sequence offers the opportunity to regulate the nervous system, become aware of patterns of holding/armouring and release them. As the sessions go deeper every week, we’ll uncover some of your core materials and limiting beliefs so you can reconnect with a more empowered sense of self and gain clarity in your life. This is a truly transformational experience!

10 sessions (75-90 min) online (via Zoom) = $675

Please contact me for a chat at somatic-freedom@protonmail.com or

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